Anatomic ACL Breakthrough Surgery in the field of Arthroscopic Surgery
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Anatomic ACL Breakthrough Surgery in the field of Arthroscopic Surgery

Patient Details :Patient is a Brazilian ATHELETE
Patient AGE/SEX :39 YEARS /Female
Patient Complain :The patient had come with a complaint of wobbling knee which was instable for activities like running and playing other sports.
Date of Surgery :18 th June 2016-07-04
Surgery conducted by :Dr. Rohan Ramesh Dessai (Joint Replacement Orthopaedic Surgeon)
Duration of the Surgery :1 hour
Confirmation of surgery :The patient was told to go for the surgery post MRI findings.


Advantages of the Surgery


  • Results are fantastic
  • Patient can walk immediately post surgery
  • Speedy recovery
  • One day admission
  • Cost is same as other KNEE rehabilitation Surgeries
  • Functional Rehabilitation is fantastic
  • Patient can get back to jogging by 3-6 months of Rehabilitation
  • Patient can get back to active sports by 6-12months of Rehabilitation
  • Failure rates of this surgery are negligible.


Anatomic ACL gives the patient a much stronger knee compared to the Transtibial technique of ACL Reconstruction. Transtibial technique of ACL reconstruction may lead to some amount of Laxity by the end of the procedure which is never experienced in case of Anatomic ACL as the position of the graft is exactly like the human anatomy.
Post Surgery the patient started walking immediately
Patient was discharged the next day post surgery.
Current Patient Status-At the moment she is in the rehabilitation facility which would continue for another 2-3 months.


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