Liver resection for a patient with bile duct cancer-First of its kind in Goa

About :

The surgical outcomes for hilar cholangiocarcinoma has improved as a result of aggressive surgery and progress in surgical techniques, preoperative management and diagnostic tools.
Surgery Today 2015

History :

A 64 year old gentleman presented with recurrent cholangitis and uncontrolled diabetes was diagnosed with Papillary renal cancer in the past, which was successfully removed by the Urologist at MHG.
Now presented with recurrent cholangitis and uncontrolled diabetes.

Diagnosis & Treatment :

On evaluation, he was found to have cholangiocarcinoma involving left hepatic duct with multiple cholangiolytic abscesses in left lobe of liver. After optimisation, left hepatectomy and hilar lymphadenectomy was successfully done. It was effected due to presence of CUSA at our hospital - a machine specifically designed for liver parenchymal resection.
The surgery took 12 hours to perform followed by 5 days stay in ICU for further recovery.

Post Treatment :

At a recent follow-up after 9 months, patient is doing well and is cured of 2 cancers.
He wishes to write in social media that it is with the help of modern medicine that he could successfully fight 2 cancers.

Department of GI & HPB surgery
Manipal Hospital, Goa