Lupus Nephritis with poor outcome of pregnancy
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Lupus Nephritis with poor outcome of pregnancy

About :

In previous times, women with lupus nephritis may have been advised against ever contemplating pregnancy, and there is no doubt that such pregnancies have increased rates of fetal and maternal complications. However, management within an experienced multi-disciplinary environment, with informed pre-pregnancy counselling and optimum lupus control, can now facilitate a much improved fetal and maternal outcome.
1.Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation Volume 24, Issue 2Pp. 344-347


History :

A patient F/ 27years of age, recently married presented with skin rash and swelling on her whole body. She was told that she had kidney disease and was apprehensive about a pregnancy due to the previous abortions. She presented to our centre and was thoroughly evaluated.


Diagnosis & Treatment :

A procedure of kidney Biopsy was performed and she was found to have Lupus Nephritis with high scores of activity.
The Nephrologist started her on immune suppressive treatment to which she responded well and went in complete remission of kidney disease.
She was maintained on this treatment for 2 years after which in consultation with the Gynaecologist she conceived naturally.
Manipal Hospital Goa, has an expert team experienced in high risk pregnancy management, which include the Obstetrician, the Neonatologist and the Nephrologist.


Post Treatment :

This patient went through her pregnancy uneventfully. She now has a healthy child and continues to be in remission.

A case study by : Dr. Amol Mahaldar
Consultant Nephrologist
Manipal Hospital, Goa

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