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Dr. Elphiston Fernandes

Consultant, Renal Sciences,
  • MS
  • DNB (Urology) 2012

  • Poster presentation TAPASUCON 2008
    1. Collision tumours with IVC thrombus in a Horse shoe Kidney.
    2. Extra Adrenal Pheochromycytomaof the Urinary Bladder.
  • Apollo Clinical Proceedings
    1. Buccal Mucosal Urethroplasty - Our Experience with 38 cases.
    2. Retropeitoneal Pheochromocytoma -A case report.
    3. Interesting cases of RCC with dual pathology.
  • Poster presentation at USICON 2010.
    1. Fetus infitu in a young girl.
    2. Primary Ureteric Adenocarcinoma -A case report.
    3. Functional Retriperioneal Paraganglioma.
    4. Interesting cases of Renal call carcinoma.
  • A Clinical study of peripheral occlusive arterial diseases - Accepted by Goa University in Aug 2005.
  • A prospective study of the outcome of Buccal mucosal dorsal onlayurethroplasty for long anterior urethral strictures. Accepted by the National Board of Examination in December 2010.
  • Area of Expertise

  • Urology
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