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The department of Respiratory Medicine deals with the diseases affecting the lungs and the respiratory system. It has the capability for the evaluation & management of the entire range of acute & chronic respiratory diseases such as Asthma and respiratory allergies COPD, ILD, Lung cancer, Auto immune disorders, sleep related disorders and chest wall disorders. The department has full and comprehensive allergy testing facility .The Department in association with the department of critical care provides comprehensive care to patients requiring life support. A team of highly qualified intensive care specialists are available round the clock. The Respiratory Medicine Department is handled by experienced doctors. Several types of tests such as lung function test and the allergy tests are done under this department to diagnose the conditioning and level of functioning of the lungs and treat ailments. Apart from the expertise, the department is well equipped with the latest diagnostic & therapeutic technologies in the field of respiratory care. The facilities include:


Pulmonary function laboratory


PFT lab is equipped with advanced PFT LAB with provision of doing lung diffusion and volume studies besides routine spirometry by formally trained and experienced technicians. Preoperative evaluation for patients under going thoracic and extrathoracic surgeries is regularly done here. Facility of bed side spirometry is also available for patients who can't be moved to the lab.


Video assisted Bronchoscopy


Videobronchoscope and non video fibrescopes including ultrathin bronchoscope with comprehensive gadget of accessories are available both for diagnostic as well as therapeutic purposes. Non resolving radiological shadows, unexplained respiratory symptoms, blood in phlegm, foreign body aspirations, lung cancer are some of the cases where these facilities are utilized.


Sleep Laboratory


Sleep studies are being done regularly for patients of obstructive sleep apnoea, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, disorders of excessive snoring and day time sleepiness .Facility for diagnostic as well as titration studies are a regular feature of department in a state-of -the-art sleep lab.


Pulmonary rehabilitation


Education and counseling sessions are an integral part of outdoor services for smokers who desire to quit. The programmed rehabilitation programme offers graduated muscle exercises and training for those who suffer from confining respiratory ailments like advanced COPD and chronic respiratory failure.


The latest technologies both the established ones like ECMO in ARDS and the evolving ones such as application of "Respiratory dialysis"(Hemolung) systems in respiratory failure caused by COPD are proposed in future expansion. All aspects of lung cancer diagnostics, chemotherapy and surgical are available, all type of lung and thoracic surgeries are being performed by an experienced team of thoracic surgeons at our institute. Comprehensive respiratory care involves the assistance of well qualified technicians & dedicated chest physiotherapists. The Doctors are ably aided by a team of expert Paramedicals staff.


Dr. Prabhu Prasad N.C

Dr. Prabhu Prasad N.C

Clinical Head
Pulmonology (Respiratory and Sleep Medicine)
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